Saturday, December 4, 2010

Monday, December 21, 2009

Death is easy..peaceful..Life is hard..
 I love this quote from twilight because it really defines my SUPER busy life. I miss being lonely.. I miss doing what i wanted to do.. I miss sitting idle in my room, i miss reading all my favorite books.. I miss being myself :(
I really Dun know what got into me that i decided to do Fashion designing.. It doesn't mean that i hate hard work or art.. its just that I hate pressure and tensions.. I hate when my professors burden me with assignments and due dates.... *sniff sniff*
Still I've got LOADS of work to do.. and wondering what the hell i am doing here and why i m not working but my brain is just telling me.. Sana! Sweet y... u need a break! I just got through with my mid term exams and here I am with new projects.. GOSH! I wanna dig a hole and wanna bury myself in it.. Allah please help me..